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The First Dog to be a PWD!

The Obama family have decided on a Portuguese Water Dog as the “First” Dog.  This is good news.  Previously the family had been cited as being undecided between a “doodle” and a Porty.  Many dog enthusiasts are breathing a sigh of relief, as designer mutts simply don’t need the extra attention of a doodle in the White House.

Asked about the time frame that the public can expect this new family member to appear, Michelle responded by relaying a cute back-and-forth between herself and Sasha (7 y/o):

“So Sasha says, ‘April 1st.’ I said, ‘April.’ She says, ‘April 1st.’ Got to do it after spring break. You can’t get a new dog and then go away for a week.”

Well said Mrs. Obama, and good on you for sticking to your guns.

So there you have it.  The new First Dog, a PWD, can be expected in April – AFTER spring break.


Original Story at http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/29385494/?GT1=43001