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The Top Products For Green Dogs

There’s a new publication in town.  It’s a quarterly zine put out by the Green Party of Saskatchewan.  It’s editor, and one of it’s three columnists, is none other than yours truly.  That’d mean me!  😉

My column is called Pawsitive Ecology, and it deals with being a green pet person.  Making choices that benefit your animal family members AND the environment.  It’s not always easy being a green animal lover.  Having pets often means our ecological PAW print is higher than we’d like.  Pawsitive Ecology is about finding balance, and learning to keep that foot print down while still enjoying the love and companionship our pets have to offer.

Check out my first offering today.

There are a lot of “green” pet products on the market today, but not all of them are truly green or eco-friendly.  This article outlines my top picks!