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Beverly Hills Chihuahua (or) Chihuahuas are Small but Mighty!

As a dog lover in general, and a Chihuahua fancier in particular, you knew I’d eventually have to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Well… not much I can say about this stinker of a movie except PEEEE-U. Wow. It was really THAT bad. I thought, if nothing else, it should be cute. But no. I can’t even say that about it. The story was lame, the acting was bad, the voice overs were dull, the CGI was horrible. Aye Chihuahua!

The only redeeming part of this movie, was the scene in the Aztec ruins. “Small but Mighty”. I’ve been saying it for years.

Chihuahuas are not the yippy, shaking, fufu dogs that some people seem determined to turn them into. They are a lot of dog. They are incredibly intelligent, and run circles around any novice human cohabitants. There is a reason people talk about them as if they are “bad dogs” – it’s because the outsmart their people on a regular basis. Love, love, love these dogs. They are MY breed… but they are SOOOO not for a novice dog person. They really do require someone who knows dogs, understands dog language, and can give them the credit they are due.

I’m a Chihuahua lover, and like any devotee of a particular breed, I’m the first in line to tell you all the reasons a Chihuahua is the wrong breed for you. Still sticking around after that long list? Then maybe you might be ready for one.

Click the following link for an FAQ on the Chihuahua – http://www.noselicks.com/pb/wp_9f6619e0/wp_9f6619e0.html

Or visit my site devoted to these incredible little dogs – http://www.chihuahualovers.com/


Two Cute Butts

Not much to say today… just wanted to take a moment to share something cute. Meet Lily-Ann and Roo… two sweet girls who share just about everything. Including the joy of running around nekkid.

Photograph removed by blog owner. June 1/09

That’s it for today. Have a great one!