The best way to get to know DogMa (TD Yandt) is to sit down with her to talk dogs. In this instance that’s obviously not an option, so here we go. As a dog professional (trainer, handler, writer, photographer) Tobi-Dawne’s life really has “gone to the dogs”, and she couldn’t be happier about it. Throughout the year she teaches seminars and classes, does one on one canine rehabilitation, and photo shoots with woof-friendly families and breeders. During conformation season (March – November) she can be found at any number of dog shows with client dogs, and dogs of her own.

Want to know more? Stop by one of her sites. She’s happy to share the things she loves most with you.

Nose Licks & Tail Wags – training, behavior, and dog care information

Almost Family – conformation and obedience handling

Canine Captures – dog and family photography

Chihuahua Lovers – all things Chihuahua

Do you have a question you’d like TD to address here on Dear DogMa?  Feel free to drop her a line via dogma@noselicks.com.  Be sure to put Dear DogMa in the subject line to avoid being caught in a spam filter.


2 responses to “About

  1. Nice to meet you. I am enjoying reading your blog. I posted a reply to you on Blog Catalog to check out my dog’s blog. I am also the owner of an all natural organic gourmet dog treat business. Take the time to peruse my sites. http://www.nibblestreats.com and http://nibblestreats.blogspot.com

  2. lohibagboutique

    Hey – Neat site. I will definitely read more of your posts. I have a four year old basset hound named Charlie. He is the best!

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