Itty Bits & Nico’s Necklaces

Itty Bits - a new etsy shop

Itty Bits - a new etsy shop

I’d like to take a moment to invite you to my new etsy shop.  Eventually it will host a plethora of products for babies, toddlers, and small dogs – your itty bitty family members.  Currently there are six listings for Nico’s Necklaces.

Nico’s Necklaces are something I’ve been working on for some time.  I started a few years ago working with leather and beads, while pretty, the leather had safety limitations.  Then, a couple months before Nico (my heart dog) passed on, I struck upon the idea of using elastic cord.  It worked perfectly!  Beautiful, and safe!  Unfortunately Nico never got the opportunity to wear the finished version.  He left for the Rainbow Bridge while I was working on his.  You can read Nico’s story at  I named the necklaces, designed to allow small dogs to safely wear tags without fear of getting caught and choking, after Nico – as he was the reason I designed them in the first place.

I do hope you’ll stop by Itty Bits and have a look around.  Nico’s Necklaces were born out of a need for a safe way to identify small dogs, and born out of my love for my own Chihuahua and heart dog.  I’m proud to finally be able to offer them to you.


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