Is This a Hint?

Not too long ago I was sitting on the couch in the living room with my baby girl Lily-Ann.  She was having a bit of quiet time.  She was by my side, my arm around her, her head on one of my legs, having a nice cuddle

Normally I insist Roo stay in which ever room I happen to be in.  She’s an adolescent Chihuahua, and as such, is prone to mischief.  However, this afternoon I was rather lax.  I was enjoying the cuddle time with Lily, and so allowed Roo to wander a bit.

Roo had been out of my sight for a couple of minutes – it really hadn’t been long or I’d have called her.  She was being nice and quiet, which should have been my first tip-off.  Whenever a toddler or puppy is out of sight and quiet, a person should ALWAYS check in on them.

Well, Roo came bounding into the living room where Lily-Ann and I were cuddled up.   She pounced onto the side of my lap that was unoccupied, and dropped my clicker on my leg.  Think she was hinting at something?

So, our tiny “she-chi” had to get my treat bag from off the counter in the kitchen, then fish the clicker out of the pocket before bringing it to me.  Smart little bugger.  Obviously our ten minutes of clicker time earlier this afternoon hadn’t been enough.  Little fart cracks me up.

After inspecting the counter and the treat bag, which was then resting on the floor.  I have no idea how she got up at it.  Dinky little thing is a half a foot at the shoulder (guessing), and there are no chairs or stools near by.  Yet there’s the treat bag on the floor.  Sans clicker.

Guess I should go cut up some more treats.  😉


2 responses to “Is This a Hint?

  1. Clever girly!
    I’m still trying to work out how the pony used the door knocker this morning, how the youngest cat climbs the wall of the house…

  2. Ha this is a great story.

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