Lost – Karelian Bear Dog

Please keep your eyes (and ears) open for Sisu. He’s a Karelian Bear Dog who has gone missing from his home in BC. Please contact either karelian@pacificcoast.net or lisa_lintunen@live.com if you have any information on his potential whereabouts.  The original email regarding Sisu is posted below.

We haven’t met, but I’m sending you an email in hopes that you may be able to help me.  We lost our male Karelian Bear dog “Sisu” on Boxing Day night (Dec. 26) in Delta.  I am afraid after this many days that he has either been hit by a car or has been taken by someone.  In the off-chance that you have any enquiries about his worth or info on his breed from someone, I am sending you my contact information.

Sisu has a microchip which I don’t believe I ever updated to reflect our information.  It may still contain information on the breeder (Blue Collar Kennels in Abbotsford) and his name may still read “Striker”.

If you have any insight into where else I might enquire, I would appreciate it.

Sisu is approx. 6 years old.  He was starting to show signs of an ear infection, so I have contacted all the vets in the area in case someone brings him in.  I have also searched all the animal shelters in our area.

Thanks so much for your help.  I am attaching a photo under separate cover.

Lisa Lintunen

Sisu, the lost Korelian Bear Dog

Sisu, the lost Korelian Bear Dog


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