A Problem that Needs Licking

Dear DogMa—

My best friend has three wonderful dogs and I love all of them except ONE…her dog Pearl who has a MAJOR! licking problem. I used to love spending time with her dogs and adored Pearl, since I have been around when my best friend first bought her. But now that she’s more grown up she just can’t stop licking and it’s is so SICK and bothers me beyond belief, so much so that I try and stay clear of her house when Pearl is around and licking. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a lick or two, but she just doesn’t stop! And I can’t tell my best friend how much it bothers me, because Pearl’s her child and she adores her. So, long story short I NEED HELP!!!

I would love to give my best friend some tips to control Pearl’s behavior, so I visit more often—she is so cute when is not trying to lick me.



Daniel, it doesn’t really sound like this is a problem for Pearl or her person. Licking can be a sign of many things depending on the circumstance… if you find her licking irritating, I’d recommend getting together with your friend away from their home – where you won’t have to be subjected to Pearls affections and communication. It’s probably not the advice you were hoping for, but it doesn’t sound to me like the problem here is Pearl. Next time you are visiting your friend, and Pearl gets a little too “in your face”, try throwing a toy for her, or redirecting her attention in some other direction. Besides a bit of gentle redirection the only thing I really can suggest is finding somewhere else to visit with your friend – like your house or a restaurant where she’s not likely to bring Pearl along.

Good luck.


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